Help us inspire the children of
El Nogalito

About El Nogalito

and the Community Center project

El Nogalito is a small town located five miles south of Puerto Vallarta about a mile off the main highway to Boca de Tomatlan. There are approximately 150 homes there, with one primary school. Most of the families there are economically challenged and being far from town, are somewhat isolated.

Our organization strives to help those families and children by teaching English, organizing games, and encouraging activities at the Community Center. Our goal is to continue to improve the Community Center, bring awareness to the children and help improve their education and future opportunities

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Community Center History

The kindergarten in El Nogalito, was unfortunately closed due to lack of students and the area has been neglected for years.

Now, we are cleaning up the space, giving it back to the children of the community. We offer English classes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (Bingo Fridays!) and we now have enough volunteers to offer art/crafts on Tue and Thur. Volunteers are welcome to help us for a day..week. month or for the school year. .

We have two pressing projects, the first to fix the slide that has rusted out. The second is to make the outdoor area more child friendly with repairing the neglected play equipment and adding a tetherball area. All ideas are welcomed along with volunteers to repair, replace and to add to. Any power tools that may be discarded will be gladly given a new home.

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The Public School

The town’s school only goes to the 6th grade. There’s only one teacher for all the town’s students.

We now have 14 students attending classes, we’ve purchased a refrigerator for the school, and try to keep it filled with fruit/snacks and lunches so the children can better focus on their studies. (A microwave has also been donated, thank you to David and Anna)

Even with our help, the school consistantly runs out of cleaning supplies, stick glue, colored felt tip markers, water and toilet paper. Any donations are greatly welcome!

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The Program

When the children of El Nogalito reach the age to go to secondary school, they need to use the bus system. Sometimes they use two and possibly up to four buses a day. We are offering a program of help to transport those children as they grow. That assistance would be to assist with bus fare, lunch cost, uniforms, school supplies and books as well as registration in the public school.

We now have 2 children that volunteers are sponsoring this school year……Their grades are monitored to see that they are doing the required work, and we can’t wait to see how they progress


If you live in Puerto Vallarta or surrounding areas we can pick up new or gently used "items" you may have.

Items we need most: school supplies, children’s shoes (any sizes), children’s clothing, toiletries, diapers, children’s socks and underwear, any craft supplies, soccer or volleyballs, games etc.

If you'd like to donate towards our lunch/snack program we gladly accept cash via paypal to help stock our fridge with healthy snacks for the children.

About Us

We are a 100% Volunteer organization
Everything that's donated goes back into the El Nogalito community center.

We are a team of residents, expats and visitors of Puerto Vallarta. We all love the area and it's warm and welcoming people.

As you may imagine, Mexico has some areas of very unfortunate poverty, and our group has banded together from all walks of life to help the children of El Nogalito learn English and further their educations.

We have volunteers in Puerto Vallarta that can pick up and distribute donations, we have others who handle the building and construction help on site in El Nogalito, and we even have seasonal visitors to Puerto Vallarta who love to help out part time too.

We welcome everyone to join us in this very worthwhile cause and invite you to drop us a line, we're always looking for people with all sorts of skills/backgrounds, that want to share some of their time and inspire the children of El Nogalito

Meet our Team

Our Voluteer Leaders on the ground in Puerto Vallarta


Charity Director
Leslie has been a dive master in Puerto Vallarta for the past twenty years. Her mission is to educate the economically challenged kids, teach them English, introduce them to sports, crafts, games and to build confidence in the children of El Nogalito.


Charity Director
Trenie originally lived in San Jose where she owned a child care center, eventually moving to Salem Oregon where she created and ran Adventures Unlimited for 23 years. A.U. provided infant care, pre-school, private kindergarten, weekly summer camps & transportation to 11 public schools.


Charity Volunteer
Helen’s first trip to PV was on a cruise ship, but she’s been vacationing here since 2002. She’s a retired registered nurse with 3 married children, grandkids & siblings….all living in Colorado. Helen’s involved with two charities here in Vallarta.

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